Love makes us together

Joyfull Participate in Rebuilding the GuangYinTang Certral Primary School

Feb 20th,Joyfull went to the SanMenXia city,Henan Province with so many warm-hearted people in GuangZhou Province.To attend the inauguration ceremony for the GuangYinTang Certral Primary School,this is rebuilt school with so many warm-heated people's help from society.
With about 40 years use,the old school buiding already became dangerous for the teachers and students safety,also the equipment are too old,the government finance have no enough money to rebuild the school,Joyfull and other partner company hear the news and willing to give us our love and try our best to give help.

With above 50 thousand people and collect 3.6 million Yuan from Society,finally the new school cost 12 million Yuan and cover 26.7 thousand square meter area and provide one thousand students and teachers live and study at the same time.

The warm-hearted person also present schoolbag and desks chairs 

Everyone give their love

Warm-hearted people take care of the students' study and life

When finished we take pictures to remind this love trip
Joyfull is not just a company ,we also the greatful company not only care the staff also the society.
We will always try our best to give our customers best products and good service also give our help to the whole society.

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